Accounting and Tax Services

We provide a holistic fiscal suite for your organization to develop a strategy that works through the layers and tiers of your business model to proactively manage your accounting and tax needs and how those things impact business outcomes and opportunities.

With knowledge and expertise in key areas, we advise and help navigate various complicated situations: improper record keeping, audits, business sales, expansion, data migrations, conversions, and employee training.

Get Your Business Ready with Expert Accounting & Tax Services

Our expert accounting (CPA) and tax (EA level or comparable) services are locally designed to meet the needs of your organization or business. Our accounting and tax consultants provide cost-effective solutions for stakeholders while strictly adhering to regulations, requirements, and technology.

Minimize Fiscal Risk and Enhance Efficiency

Minimize fiscal risk using our experts to enhance efficiency, ensure compliance, and implement improved processes and procedures. By having a strong, comprehensive fiscal management posture, you can make informed business decisions based on accurate and verified information.

Our Solutions

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Accounting Management Services

Let’s work together within your daily workflows, processes, and procedures to help the business create systems to run more efficiently.

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Tax Consulting

Our experienced tax consultants advise clients regarding tax law, negotiate tax settlements, advise on investments, and a wide range of issues that impact operations. We understand how the latest federal, state, and local tax legislation may affect you and your organization, and we are constantly identifying ways to reduce local, state, or federal tax liabilities.

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We can provide you with comprehensive bookkeeping and write-up services to ensure the smooth fiscal operation of your business. As your business needs to grow and change, we adapt to provide input and planning assistance that keeps pace with your needs.

How We Help

  • Business Entity Selection
  • Accounts Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement Review and Analysis
  • Proper Transaction Categorization
  • Monthly Financial Statements
  • Annual Budgeting, projections, and Goals
  • Tax Consulting
  • Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Comprehensive Bookkeeping and Write-up Services
  • Business Consulting
  • IRS Representation
  • Payroll Services
  • Staff Compliance Training
  • Financial Systems

The Outcome

Our accounting and tax solutions provide you the foundation and framework to be able to confidently demonstrate a robust fiscal posture to enhance and improve outcomes at your organization.

Hear What Our Clients Have To Say


I can honestly say that in all of my years with the Community Action and Head Start network, you have been by far the best consultant I have had the pleasure of working with.

Tres Hamilton

“Shelby provided fresh insight and guidance on payroll, personnel change notices (PCN’s) and procurement. He was down to earth, relatable, and well received by members of the fiscal team.
Shelby helped us sort through what Matrix should focus on as we prepare to be monitored in the future.
In addition, he provided very good advice regarding how we should move forward in amending our procurement policies along with the importance of Matrix following all updated policies with appropriate documentation.”

Brad Coulter

“Mr. Holman is a terrific resource, he is masterful in providing technical assistance and support to organizations specializing in fiscal management. He offers powerful and effective financial solutions that will make a game changing difference in the achievement of goals for your organization.
He has built an extremely diverse skill set working with government, private and non profit environments. He’s extremely masterful in designing and facilitating high impact training and technical assistance for Head Start leadership teams, fiscal staff, and governing bodies.
Mr. Holman has built a history of success in developing high performance fiscal teams that excel in meeting all organizational goals and compliance with complex federal reporting requirements. “

Mary Ann Cornish

“I had the privilege to work with Mr. Holman and can appreciate his professionalism, patience, and persistence. He has mastered the art in making other successful in their approach to service delivery. Mr. Holman has my highest endorsement.”

Dr. Landon B. Mason

“Shelby is a transformative force in the world of grants management and has a deep knowledge of fiscal administration and facilities. His ability to communicate complex issues is noteworthy and I highly recommend his services!”

Chris Barnes

“He is a great partner in the process and helped us set up three large DRS programs and successfully pass an Audit, We would not have been successful without his fiscal guidance.”

Louis A. Finney Jr.