Navigate The Complexities of Technology with
a Certified Fractional CTO

Access Professional Technical Strategy and Unlock Unprecedented IT Expertise

In today’s rapidly-evolving technology landscape, navigating technological complexities can become cumbersome for businesses. That is why they need a certified fractional CTO to fill this void.

We offer professional technical strategy and provide businesses with unprecedented IT expertise. Our abilities enable them to easily access complex problems, allowing businesses to remain competitive and efficient.

Our motto

“Calm seas don’t make skillful sailors.”

We believe that experience is the key to success in IT. That’s why our Fractional CTOs possess vast institutional knowledge across many systems, OS configuration, network configuration, and more.
No challenge is too big for us to handle.

How We Help

Our Fractional CTO will expand and adapt to various situations, taking on roles such as:
1. Fractional Advisor
2. Fractional CTO/IT Director
3. Fractional CIO/CISO

Fractional CTO Solutions

Tier 1: Fractional Advisor icons-1

Tier 1: Fractional Advisor

As Fractional Advisors, we are in charge of forecasting and producing technology initiatives for stakeholders. This involves a deep understanding of industry trends, the organization’s capabilities, and the needs of key players within the company.

With the ever-changing landscape of IT, it becomes increasingly important to create alignment between organizational goals and strategy; for that reason, we counsel management, executive boards, and other leadership on technology strategy and implementation.

Finally, as a board advisor, part of your job is to promote innovation by evaluating processes, systems, personnel, data, and reporting. This ensures a smooth and successful transition toward achieving the desired technology outcomes while delivering value to all stakeholders.

Tier 2: Fractional CTO/IT Director icons-1 (1)

Tier 2: Fractional CTO/IT Director

A Fractional CTO/IT Director works alongside your IT team to leverage their expertise to drive growth and manage an organization’s past, present, and future.

We offer organization-wide facilitation of IT and systems-related projects and processes. We combine our technical expertise with a holistic approach and incorporate certified project management, fiscal responsibility, and effective human capital management.

We prioritize security first and tailor digital strategies to each organization’s personnel, environment, and operational goals. One size doesn’t fit all, so a security-first mindset is emphasized.

Fractional CIO/CISO icons-1 (2)

Tier 3: Fractional CIO/CISO

A Fractional CIO/CISO is a valuable investment for any organization looking to gather, order, and execute information while protecting data and information processes.

We excel at data organization, handling large workloads, communication, and technical expertise. We also boast a specialized skill set for implementing cybersecurity measures, focusing on compliance strategies, risk management, disaster recovery planning, and cyber insurance.

This tier offers expertise for any organization seeking professional support and guidance in these areas and interim and special circumstance functions.

The Benefits of Working
with a Fractional CTO

Cost-Effective Solution

The average cost of a full-time CIO ranges from $159K-376K, but our Fractional CTO services provide top-tier expertise at a fraction of the cost.

Data Organization

Our Fractional CTOs have the know-how to gather, order, and execute information, allowing businesses to optimize their data management.

Handle Large Workloads

With our Fractional CTO services, businesses can better manage large workloads and maintain efficient productivity.


Excellent Communication Skills

Benefit from the strong communication skills of our Fractional CTOs, ensuring seamless collaboration within your organization.

Technical Expertise Across The Organization

Our Fractional CTOs have vast experience in various industries and technologies, making them valuable assets to any team.

Investigation, Forensics, and Fact-Finding

Uncover issues and optimize processes by leveraging the analytical skills of our Fractional CTOs.

Information System Creation

Streamline your business processes by relying on our Fractional CTOs to digitize and optimize paper processes.


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