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The Peace of Mind Plan is a comprehensive program designed to provide organizations with the resources and strategies necessary to create successful outcomes.

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Our Mission

With the Peace of Mind Plan, we aim to provide organizations, agencies, and businesses with a holistic solution that ensures compliance, data security, personnel management, and operational excellence. We strive to provide our members with the best guidance and support during their journey toward creating an effective, efficient, and sound organization.

How It Works

Through an assessment process and ongoing consultation, we strive to create bespoke plans for our clients and help them reach their goals by introducing best practices in fiscal systems, personnel management, and systems and controls.

Step 1: Initial Assessment

The first step of the Peace of Mind Plan is to take the 15-question assessment. The assessment covers three tracks: fiscal systems, personnel management, and systems and controls. It is a self-assessment scored on a scale of 0-3.


Step 2: Consultation

After the initial assessment, participants are eligible for a one-on-one consultation with an expert. During the 30-minute consultation, individuals will go over their results in detail, and a project plan will be created and tailored to address any weaknesses identified in the initial assessment.

Step 3: Enrollment

Once enrolled in the program, we will implement an automated system to track and monitor the organization’s progress using regular audits and self-scoring tools.

What You Receive

The Peace of Mind Plan allows members to gain greater control and oversight of their organizational systems, personnel management, and operations.

Assessment and remediation plan for your organization

By having an assessment and remediation plan in place, organizations can take proactive steps to identify areas of improvement that could produce positive financial outcomes. This holistic approach also helps to reduce risk by ensuring compliance with regulations and best practices.

Improved communication and Access to up-to-date systems controls

Members of the plan also benefit from improved communication throughout the organization, leading to smoother processes and more efficient use of resources. Access to up-to-date systems controls can help keep organizations secure and allow for better control over data and information.

Understanding Your Organization’s Operations

Stakeholders and investors benefit by thoroughly understanding an organization’s operations. The detailed assessment provides insights into an organization’s strengths and areas in need of improvement. As a result, leaders can make more informed decisions when providing grants or other financial support.

Is Your Company
on Track?